We offer a wide range of home automation and lighting automation solutions for your happy, comfortable, easy going and safe life style .We are different because of our distinguishing features.

Leading edge technology

Reliable and easy control

Innovative ideas for your requirement

Prompt service and support

Cost effective

Customer satisfaction

Control ALL in a Click!


For lights, fans, curtains, doors.


For changing your mood.


For the music, audio, video of your choice.


For your safety.


For timer activities.


For your comfort.

Everybody dreams for a “Sweet home”. We convert your home into “Sweet home” with a wide range of Home and Lighting automation solutions. Our objective is to enhance your comfort and lifestyle. With this motive we specially designed our two automation solutions.


Our home Automation solution covers controlling of all appliances, managing energy consumption and providing entertainment (music ,audio, video etc). It’s a very good solution to control everything without fumbling for individual switches or a remote. It is a smart home where all the technology is seamlessly integrated.


Curtain Automation

Music Automation

Door Control

Lighting Controls

Order Management

Access Control

Made Calling Features

Car Monitoring

Scheduling The Amenities



Appliances Status

Gas Heater

Intestine Washing

Water Tab Controller

Bed Room

AC Control

TC Control


Door Closing

Safety Almery

Bath Tub Control


Traditionally it was very tedious and time consuming task to handle multiple switches for all your lights. Now with our ‘Lightomate’ its very easy and fast to control all your lights. Our team of lighting designer is very innovative and client centric. We work closely with you to analyze your requirement and establish exactly the right lighting solution for all your spaces.

Lighting for every occasion

Smart light simulations

Perfect timing

Colourful lights

Brightness sensor

Optimise energy consumptions

Lighting with multimedia integration

Digital cinema

Digital audio video music

Swimming pool

Light dimmers

Motion sensors